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February 5, 2019
Concord Monitor:
Kelly OP-ED: My Turn: Sununu’s paid family leave ‘plan’ falls short
We can establish and implement a paid family leave insurance program that is accessible, affordable and inclusive of all employees, but only if we have the political will – not vague talk – to make it happen. I encourage and support legislators who are diligently working through the legislative process, listening to good ideas to improve the bills and committing to put a final product on Sununu’s desk. New Hampshire workers and their families should not have to wait any longer.

November 4, 2018
UNH Poll: New Hampshire Governor’s Race Too Close to Call
new UNH poll released late last night shows Molly Kelly and Chris Sununu in a dead heat, 46-46,  just as Election Day approaches. When UNH last polled this race two weeks ago, Sununu led by 11 points. UNH is also projecting a 49-49 finish tomorrow night. "The race for NH Governor between Governor Chris Sununu and Democratic challenger Molly Kelly is too close to call, as Kelly's support has increased over the past few months," wrote the pollster. "This election looks to be a good year for Democrats, in keeping with the historical trend where the President's party loses ground in the administration's first midterm election."

November 4, 2018
Seacoast Online: Molly Kelly OP-ED: I’ll stand up to Donald Trump and put NH first
I’m running for governor because I’m deeply concerned that the policies of the Trump administration have made their way to New Hampshire under Chris Sununu. This agenda is wrong for our state. Instead, I want to build a New Hampshire that works for everyone, not just a few. That starts with education, which has always been my top priority. After all, education was my hope. When I was a young, single mom raising three small children, I went back to school at Keene State College to complete my degree. I worked three jobs just to get by - I managed the family housing, waitressed once a week at Papa Gino’s and delivered newspapers on Saturday mornings. I was willing to do whatever it took, because I wanted to open doors of opportunity not just for myself, but for my children. Everyone in our state should have opportunities to succeed.

November 2, 2018
Democratic poll claims dead heat in governor’s race as RGA ups its anti-Kelly buy
New Hampshire Primary Source on Friday night obtained a poll conducted Oct. 27-29 by Democratic pollster Change Research that showed Republican Gov. Chris Sununu leading Kelly by a single percentage point, 47 percent to 46 percent…While Sununu has substantially higher name recognition, “the race is nonetheless close in large part because Kelly voters are more likely to turn out on election day,” the pollster wrote. “96 percent of Kelly voters say they will ‘definitely’ vote, while 92 percent of Sununu voters say the same.”…The pollster concludes that if election turnout is high, Kelly “can win on Nov. 6.”

October 4, 2018
Concord Monitor: Democratic challenger Kelly questions if Sununu is really pro-choice if he supports Kavanaugh
Kelly questioned the governor’s commitment to women’s reproductive rights. “How can you say that you’re so pro-choice for women and be so supportive of a nominee” such as Kavanaugh, who Democrats worry would vote to topple the landmark Roe v. Wade 1973 ruling that constitutionally protected a women’s right to have an abortion. Kelly spoke with reporters after touring the Equality Health Center in Concord. The non-profit health center on Main Street opened a year after the Roe. v. Wade ruling and highlights that it’s New Hampshire’s longest standing abortion provider.

October 4, 2018
Union Leader:
Molly Kelly urges Sununu to oppose Kavanaugh nomination to high court
Democratic gubernatorial nominee Molly Kelly took her campaign to New Hampshire’s longest standing abortion provider on Wednesday, hoping to highlight her support for abortion rights and calling on pro-choice Republican Gov. Chris Sununu to oppose the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. After touring the Equality Health Center on South Main Street, Kelly said Kavanaugh would pose a threat to women seeking services the center provides.

October 3, 2018
Sununu Won't Judge Kavanaugh By His Testimony, As Kelly Calls For Sununu To Rescind His Support
Sununu signed a letter supporting Kavanaugh's nomination shortly after it was announced. Molly Kelly, his Democratic challenger, was deadset against Kavanaugh from the start. During a visit to a Concord health Clinic, Kelly said that adding Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court puts abortion rights at risk, and Sununu knows it.

September 12, 2018
New York Times: Molly Kelly Has a Message for Republicans: ‘Do Not Underestimate Me’
Look, I’ve been underestimated before. And I think it’s a clear message to Chris Sununu and others as well: Do not underestimate me. I’ve been underestimated when I was a young single mom with three small children, raising them myself and making sure that I could go back and finish my education, and living on a college campus with my children and taking on all of those challenges and raising them myself and working my way through college. I managed an apartment complex that my children and I lived in and then I waitressed one night a week at Papa Gino’s and even had a rural paper route in Peterborough, New Hampshire. I know what challenges are about, and I was underestimated then and rose to that occasion, took on those challenges. I am not afraid of a challenge when I know it’s the right thing to do.

September 11, 2018
New York Times: Molly Kelly Wins in New Hampshire and Will Face Sununu for Governor’s Seat
Democratic voters in New Hampshire selected Molly Kelly, a former state senator, as their nominee for governor on Tuesday, as female candidates for governorships continue to show their strength in primary elections this year. Ms. Kelly’s victory brings to 15 the number of women who have won governor’s nominations in this primary season, a record.

September 4, 2018
Union Leader: LETTER: Kelly supports public education
Molly Kelly knows the importance of education because it changed her life...Public education is critical to the lives of so many Granite Staters. That’s why I couldn’t believe Gov. Chris Sununu supports creating a voucher program, which would take money from public schools and use our tax dollars to pay for unaccountable private or religious schools...Molly believes there is no greater investment than our children’s education and has a proven record of getting things done. That’s why she has my vote, and I hope she’ll earn yours, too."

September 1, 2018
Keene Sentinel: LETTER: Sununu chose tax cuts over children's well-being, by Linda LaFlure-Nelson
I am so grateful Molly Kelly is speaking out on the crisis at the Division of Children, Youth and Families. A federal report released last week from the Administration of Children and Families found DCYF is falling behind. This federal report should be a wake-up call. I’m grateful Molly is advocating for full and stable funding for DCYF and fully funding voluntary services...Sununu should be ashamed of himself for choosing tax cuts for rich corporations over children and families. I know Molly will always choose us and that’s why she has my vote on Sept. 11.

August 30, 2018
Union Leader: Another View -- Molly Kelly: Chris Sununu is failing to protect vulnerable children
WHEN IT COMES to caring for New Hampshire’s most vulnerable children, Gov. Chris Sununu gets a failing grade. There’s no other conclusion to draw from a federal government report released this month. We face a crisis at the Division of Children, Youth and Families. It is not new, but the latest evidence is a heartbreaking reminder that the state of New Hampshire is failing too many children...The lives of children are at stake. Cutting corners on the DCYF budget does not save money. It is fiscally irresponsible, and puts children’s lives at risk. And the state will continue to pay out large settlements for the harm done to children. It must stop.

August 30, 2018
Concord Monitor: Letter: Kelly for governor
Molly always speaks out on behalf of children. Recently I saw Molly and state Sen. Dan Feltes’s press conference outlining tragic problems in DCYF that led to the death of several children. Molly’s presentation was well-researched and should serve as a guideline for correcting the problems of that vital but troubled agency. We can count on Molly to fight on the front lines. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Molly Kelly on Sept. 11.

August 29, 2018
Seacoast Online: Marchand, Kelly shift focus to Gov. Sununu
Kelly quickly teed off on the governor, who’s running this year for a second two-year term steering the state. In her opening statement Kelly reiterated her support for a paid family medical leave bill and criticized Sununu for referring to the measure as “vacation” at a forum earlier this week. “It’s not a vacation. It’s about being with a newborn. It’s about taking care of your elderly parents when they need you and it’s about taking care of one of your children when it’s in critical care,” she said. “Chris Sununu is out of touch with the working families of New Hampshire. I understand those struggles because I lived them.”

August 29, 2018
Concord Monitor: Energy becomes lightning rod in race for N.H. governor
A new TV ad by Kelly that hit the airwaves on Wednesday targeted Sununu for his controversial vetoes last month of two bills that would have aided the renewable energy industry. “We’re getting slammed with higher electric bills,” Kelly said at the top of the commercial, as she spotlighted the governor’s vetoes and more than $50,000 in contributions Sununu’s received over the past several years from Eversource – the state’s largest utility. “Eversource is making huge profits,” Kelly argued in the commercial. “The governor? He collected more than $50,000 from Eversource and vetoed two renewable energy bills.”

August 29, 2018
WMUR: Kelly’s second TV ad targets Sununu for vetoes of renewable energy bills
Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly faces a party primary election in less than two weeks, but in her new television ad, she directly targets Republican incumbent Gov. Chris Sununu for his controversial vetoes of two renewable energy bills. Kelly links Sununu’s receipt of $56,000 in contributions from Eversource over the past several years to his rejection of bills he says will cost electric ratepayers about $100 million over the next three years but Kelly says will cost hundreds of jobs and hurt businesses and municipalities.

August 28, 2018
Associated Press: NH governor, challengers discuss early childhood issues
Kelly spoke passionately about making sure a new bill would succeed if she’s elected, describing how her son-in-law’s ability to stay with her daughter helped her recover from a recent medical emergency. “What if he couldn’t be there because he was afraid he would lose his job?” she said. “If we can’t find funding to boost that and get that going, who are we?”

August 28, 2018
Union Leader: Family leave hot topic at candidate forum on issues New Hampshire children face
Kelly described her experience with a recent illness involving her adult daughter, and how family members rallied to her daughter’s bedside, taking time off work as needed. “That’s what paid family medical leave is about,” she said. “It’s about the right to be with those you care about when they need you the most. If we can’t find funding to boost that and get that going, who are we? Why else are we working every day if it’s not for the people we love and care about.”

August 26, 2018
WMUR: CloseUP: Molly Kelly on DCYF reform, gun control and running for governor
MANCHESTER, N.H. —As the primary closes in, Democrat Molly Kelly makes the case that she’s the one to take on Republican Gov. Chris Sununu in the fall.

August 24, 2018
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Molly Kelly visits Peterborough’s solar array
Gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly said she will be a champion of clean and locally produced energy while touring Peterborough’s 1-megawatt solar array on Friday morning. Kelly (D-Harrisville) has been touring several solar and hydropower sites across the state as part of her campaign leading up to the Sept. 11 primary vote. If she takes the office, she will push for a statewide energy plan that prioritizes renewable energy production, she said, while speaking to Peterborough Town Administrator Rodney Bartlett. “We need to get to 100 percent renewable, we know that,” she said.

August 23, 2018
WMUR: Kelly outraises Sununu since June, but governor leads in cash on-hand
Molly Kelly’s campaign was quick to point out that in the two months since the previous reports were filed on June 20, the Democrat outraised the sitting Republican incumbent. Reports poured in to the secretary of state’s office late Wednesday afternoon, and the gubernatorial candidate predictably drew the most attention...“Molly has quickly built a campaign that positions her to defeat Sununu in November. Her message of building a New Hampshire that works for everyone, not corporate special interests, is clearly resonating across the Granite State,” said campaign manager Craig Brown.

August 22, 2018
WMUR: First TV ad of 2018 gubernatorial campaign unveiled by Molly Kelly
In the first television ad of the 2018 campaign for governor, Democrat Molly Kelly introduces herself to voters as a single mother who worked her way through college and became a financial advisor and state senator. The 30-second ad begins airing Wednesday, and her campaign said, “Through a significant, six-figure buy, the campaign will maintain a presence on New Hampshire television through the primary election on Sept. 11.”

August 22, 2018
Union Leader: Protecting children now a campaign issue in race for governor
After reviewing 65 child abuse cases in process at the Manchester, Concord and Seacoast offices of DCYF in April, officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concluded that the state is failing in all seven outcomes considered essential to an effective child welfare system. Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former state Sen. Molly Kelly seized on the analysis released by state officials last week to attack Gov. Chris Sununu’s record on DCYF reforms......“When it comes to caring for New Hampshire’s most vulnerable children, Gov. Chris Sununu earns a failing grade. There’s no other conclusion to draw from the federal government report released last week,” Kelly told reporters at a State House news conference. “We have a crisis before us at the Division for Children, Youth and Families. It’s not new, but the latest evidence is a heartbreaking reminder that the state is failing too many children.”


August 21, 2018
Conway Daily Sun: Kelly to stump in Conway; lashes out at Sununu
Fresh off of learning she may have a slight lead in the primary, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly on Tuesday put her attention squarely on sitting Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. At a press conference in Concord, the Harrisville (near Keene) resident lashed out at Sununu, claiming he failed to protect vulnerable children in a new federal report on DCYF. “We have a crisis before us at DCYF,” said Kelly. “This latest evidence is a heartbreaking reminder that the state of New Hampshire — led by Gov. Sununu — is failing too many vulnerable children. If we can give tax cuts to wealthy corporations, then we can fully fund DCYF. Every day that we don’t stand up and work to end this crisis is a day another child is at risk.”

August 21, 2018
Concord Monitor: Kelly calls out Sununu, vows adequate DCYF funding following report
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly said the report demonstrated poor leadership by Gov. Chris Sununu and vowed to make funding the agency a primary budget focus if elected. “If we can fund tax breaks for the wealthy corporations, then we can fund the agency that protects the most vulnerable children in New Hampshire,” she said, swiping at the Republican-led business tax cuts passed in 2017. 

August 21, 2018
NHPR: Kelly Says Sununu Should Do More About DCYF
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly says a federal report that found the Division of Children, Youth and Families failing to meet basic standards is fresh proof the state isn't protecting the vulnerable. Kelly says the state should hire enough staff to limit caseloads at 12 per worker. "Failing to act represents a moral failure of state government. We cannot continue to allow this to happen. If we can fund tax breaks for wealthy corporations we can fund the agency the protects the most vulnerable children."

August 21, 2018
Union Leader: Poll: Molly Kelly holds edge over Steve Marchand in Democratic primary for governor
Former state senator Molly Kelly is viewed more favorably than former Portsmouth mayor Steve Marchand in the Democratic primary for governor, according to the latest poll from the St. Anselm College Institute of Politics. The August poll, released on Monday, shows Kelly with a small advantage over Marchand in name recognition (63 percent to 60 percent) and a 36-percent favorability rating among likely primary voters, compared to Marchand’s 29 percent.

August 20, 2018
WMUR: Kelly leads Marchand in favorability ratings according to new poll
Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly held a slight advantage in favorability ratings over primary opponent Steve Marchand, according to a poll released Sunday by the Saint Anselm College Survey Center...In the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, 35.6% of those surveyed said they had a favorable opinion of Kelly. 4.8% said they had an unfavorable opinion, and 22.7% said they had no opinion...Kelly also had a slight advantage over Marchand in name recognition, 63.1% to 59.8%.

August 17, 2018
Seacoast Online: I’m excited to vote for Molly Kelly
Molly Kelly stood out to me as she actively listened to the testimonies and then based her questions on the facial expressions of the parents who were sitting beside me to fight for this issue...During my reluctant but necessary dive into state politics, I learned how politicians can be effective and who really speaks for the people who vote for them. I believe Molly Kelly is one of those people. I was so excited to hear she had decided to run for New Hampshire governor. I believe Molly will fight for us, for all people of New Hampshire.

August 15, 2018
NHPR: Governor's Race: A Look at Molly Kelly's Record in the New Hampshire Senate
As Molly Kelly makes her case to voters that she should be New Hampshire’s next governor, a recurrent argument is that her time in the state Senate proves that she is up to the task of leading New Hampshire. “As governor, I think it is very important that you have that experience to work with legislators, and that you are ready day one," she recently said on the trail. 

August 14, 2018
Concord Monitor: Rhetoric heats up at Democratic governor candidates’ forum with Kelly, Marchand
“I am the only candidate running for governor who’s not accepted in this governor’s race one dollar from corporations or from executives from fossil fuel,” touted Kelly, a former state senator from Harrisville who represented the southwest corner of New Hampshire for a decade before deciding against running for re-election in 2016...While agreeing that “we need to defeat and unseat Chris Sununu,” Kelly offered that “we need to be able to listen to each other” but “never, never compromise our values."

August 10, 2018
ThinkProgress: DNC chair Tom Perez proposes reversal of party’s new ban on corporate fossil fuel donations
Molly Kelly, a former New Hampshire state legislator who is now running for governor, was also quick to condemn the proposal, saying in a statement that the DNC is “wrong.” “The harmful effects of climate change are apparently on an almost daily basis,” Kelly said. “Those of us who care deeply about protecting our environment should not fund our campaigns with donations from one of the biggest contributors to climate change, the fossil fuel industry.”

August 9, 2018
WMUR: Gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly takes questions from voters on Facebook
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly joined Adam Sexton for a special conversation on Facebook Live, during which she answered questions on everything from vaccines to tax policy...Abortion rights have emerged as a major issue in the Democratic primary for governor. Kelly recently received an endorsement from Planned Parenthood. "I don't know if there's anyone who has worked as hard as I have to make sure, to be a champion for women's rights, women's reproductive rights, and working with Planned Parenthood," she said.

August 8, 2018
NHPR: Planned Parenthood PAC Backs Kelly in Race for N.H. Governor
The political arm of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is endorsing former state senator Molly Kelly in the race for governor...according to Sabrina Dunlap, VP for policy of Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund, Kelly's record on women's health care makes her the stronger candidate, particularly at a time when Roe v Wade may be at risk. "She has fought for these issues her entire life and we think in these unprecedented time, when reproductive rights are under just relentless attack, that we need an unwavering champion and she is that champion," Dunlap said. 

August 8, 2018
Keene Sentinel: Kelly emphasizes record, plans to bolster public education in Sentinel stop
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly M. Kelly of Harrisville says she has a strong track record of getting things done. “I know how to solve problems by bringing the right people to the table,” she said. “I know how to take ideas and put them into action.” Kelly, a former longtime state senator, sought to highlight that record during an interview with The Sentinel’s editorial board Tuesday, outlining her vision for public education, workforce development and renewable energy.

August 7, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: Kelly gets Teachers’ support in gubernatorial race
The New Hampshire branch of the American Federation of Teachers is throwing its support behind Molly Kelly in her race for governor. “Molly is the strongest candidate and has a proven track record on issues of critical importance to the 4,000 members of AFT-NH,” union President Doug Ley said. This is the second major education union to back Kelly as she runs a primary campaign against former Portsmouth mayor Steve Marchand. In June, the New Hampshire arm of the National Education Association endorsed Kelly. Education is a cornerstone for Kelly’s campaign.

August 5, 2018
Concord Monitor: Democratic gubernatorial candidates Kelly, Marchand trade jabs as primary nears
But just a couple of years earlier, Marchand was the state director for the centrist No Labels organization. And a decade before that, he was a regional director for the Concord Coalition – a well-known national group that rails against deficit spending and advocates for a balanced budget. Kelly, who often highlights her progressive record during her 10 years in the state Senate representing the southwest corner of New Hampshire, took aim at Marchand. “My experience has been my lifetime of issues that I have continued to work for, not something I decided to do because I was going to run for governor,” she said. Kelly has repeatedly touted her years in the legislature since launching her campaign in April – a year after Marchand jumped into the race. “I will continue to talk about my record because I’m proud of my record,” she said Wednesday in Exeter.

August 4, 2018
Foster's Daily Democrat: Kelly advocates for higher minimum wage at Dover stop
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly advocated for a $ 15-hour minimum wage and paid family medical leave when she visited the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover this week...“Here in New Hampshire, we don’t have a minimum wage, we default to the federal wage,” said Kelly, a five-term senator who lives in Harrisville. The state minimum wage defaults to the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour. “It comes down to a livable wage. Parents want to be able to put food on their tables and take care of their children and families,” she said.

August 2, 2018
WMUR: Kelly campaign hits Sununu for attending April fundraiser in Rhode Island
Kelly’s campaign...said Wednesday, “Chris Sununu was out-of-state raising money for his re-election campaign with a scam artist instead of focusing on one of his legislative priorities. This comes on the heels of Sununu missing the special session so he could raise money in ritzy Aspen, Colorado. “After both priorities failed, he blamed someone else,” Moyer said. “New Hampshire expects its governor to show up, take responsibility and get the job done. Sununu routinely puts politics ahead of the people of New Hampshire and does not deserve to be re-elected."

August 2, 2018
NHPR: Governor, Edelblut Condemn DOE Spokesman Comment Some Called 'Racist'
New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut is condemning a statement by his departmental spokesman that has been called racist. Anthony Schinella is the Department of Education's communications director. In a recent discussion on his Facebook page, Schinella criticized a gathering of state business leaders focused on diversity....Molly Kelly said she "would not tolerate discrimination or racism" in her administration.

August 2, 2018
WMUR: State Department of Education communications director faces disciplinary action following posts
The communications director for the state Department of Education will face disciplinary action after posting on his personal Facebook page controversial comments critical of a recent conference focused on increasing diversity in the state...Democratic former state Sen. Molly Kelly, who is also a candidate for governor, called on Sununu to condemn Schinella’s comments, which she called “wrong, hateful and harmful to our state." “As governor, I would not tolerate discrimination or racism from anyone in my administration,” she said.

August 1, 2018
Valley News: Energy at Issue in N.H. Governor Race as Democrats Tout Bona Fides
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly said on Tuesday that lawmakers should eliminate the state cap on net metering, which could open the door to large-scale solar projects in the Granite State. Kelly, a former five-term state senator from Harrisville, also lamented Gov. Chris Sununu’s June veto of two energy bills aimed at increasing solar power and funding New Hampshire’s biomass plants. “What we need to do is wean ourselves off fossil fuels,” Kelly said during a tour of Hanover’s water treatment facility. “We know that (renewable energy) produces clean energy, clean air, clean water and it is necessary for our future to go there.”

July 31, 2018
NHPR: Kelly Reiterates Support For Net Metering Expansion On Hanover Campaign Stop
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly was in Hanover Tuesday, reiterating her criticisms of Gov. Chris Sununu’s energy policies...The town of Hanover is trying to go all-renewable in the coming decades. Town manager Julia Griffin says they needed the net metering expansion to get there, by building several megawatts of solar power. Now, those plans may not add up. Griffin explained the situation to Molly Kelly as they toured the prospective solar sites around the town’s water treatment plant. “Not allowing the net metering beyond a megawatt just put the kibosh on a lot of projects,” Griffin said. “And as you said, there’s job growth as well, and growing the economy,” Kelly added. Kelly helped start net metering in New Hampshire as a state senator five years ago.

July 31, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: Let the debate begin: Kelly and Marchand face off
Kelly, a former state senator who has garnered the endorsements of party heavy hitters like Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, pushed back at the implication she is not progressive enough to take on Republican Gov. Chris Sununu in the fall. She said her values haven’t changed throughout her political career. “Being progressive and being bold is not new to me,” she said. “I have been tested, and I am ready to be that leader.” As recently as 2014, Marchand was the state chair for No Labels, a non-partisan group dedicated to issues like balancing the budget and securing Social Security and Medicare. By 2016, Marchand was making his first run for governor as a progressive, and No Labels was involved in handing then-candidate Donald Trump an award as a “problem solver.”

July 30, 2018
Concord Monitor: N.H. Democrats Kelly, Marchand target Sununu, each other at candidates forum
Kelly, who has held a number of campaign events on renewable energy over the past two months, took aim at Marchand, saying she’s “not just talking about it but getting it done, by putting forward the first group net-renewable bill that passed.” “I’ve been there, I’ve done it. And I will continue to move for renewable energy,” she said. In her closing comments, Kelly launched another thinly veiled attack on Marchand, a farther-left candidate who years earlier served as state director for the centrist No Labels organization. “I am proud to talk about my record because my values haven’t changed. They were the same then as they are now. Being progressive and being bold is not new to me. I have been fighting for these issues my entire life,” Kelly said.

July 30, 2018
Concord Monitor: Abortion rights and Kavanaugh nomination spill into N.H. governor’s race
But Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly quickly targeted Sununu’s signing of the letter. “The governor cannot call himself ‘pro-choice’ and also support Brett Kavanaugh,” the former longtime state senator from Harrisville said. “Kavanaugh’s nomination poses the most serious threat in a generation to Roe v. Wade,” Kelly added. “By supporting his nomination, Sununu is betraying women and working families across New Hampshire whose best interests should come first.”

July 27, 2018
Boston Globe: With Roe endangered, governor races become battlegrounds in abortion debate
In New Hampshire, first-term incumbent Republican Chris Sununu says he’s for abortion rights. However, he was one of 31 governors who signed a letter this week backing Kavanaugh’s nomination to the court, where he could cast the key vote to overturn Roe...former state senator Molly Kelly, issued a statement Thursday saying Sununu couldn’t “call himself ‘pro-choice’ and also support Brett Kavanaugh.”

July 27, 2018
Concord Monitor: Sununu criticized for absence from special session on online sales tax
“The special session yesterday did not go as planned and the question on everybody’s mind is ‘Where was Chris Sununu?’ ” Molly Kelly said on a campaign call Thursday with reporters. “For weeks leading up to the special session, the governor promised to fight, but yesterday he was nowhere to be found. When it was time to do the hard work of gaining support for his bill, it turns out he was in Aspen, Colorado,” added the former state senator from Harrisville.

July 26, 2018
Bloomberg: State of Wayfair: State at Core of it All Eyes Special Session
Democrat Molly Kelly, a former state senator challenging Sununu for governor, is asking why he wasn’t there in person to shepherd the bill through. “Sununu was raising money in ritzy Aspen, Colorado yesterday and in days leading up to the critical vote,” Kelly said in an email. The governor’s spokesman confirmed to a New Hampshire television station that Sununu was returning from a meeting of the Republican Governors Association in Colorado and didn’t attend the special session.

July 26, 2018
Keene Sentinel: Gubernatorial candidate Kelly visits girls' STEM camp in Keene
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly M. Kelly of Harrisville stopped by a girls summer camp in Keene Wednesday to highlight the importance of science and engineering careers for young women. “These are good jobs, and these are fun jobs,” Kelly said shortly before addressing a group of 25 campers. “I think we need more of an incentive in state government to really allow girls to pursue these particular careers.” Kelly visited Keene State College’s Go STEM program, a week-long day camp that encourages girls in middle school to explore the STEM disciplines — science, technology, engineering and math.

July 26, 2018
WMUR: Sununu wasn’t at State House during special session
Gov. Chris Sununu was out-of-state for at least part of Wednesday as the New Hampshire House killed the proposal he supported to deal with the online sales tax requirements imposed via the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in “South Dakota vs. Wayfair.” And he didn’t make it to the State House during the special session...Sununu spokesman Ben Vihstadt said that Sununu landed in Boston earlier in the day and was actually back in the state “this afternoon,” referring to Wednesday afternoon. But Vihstadt said that Sununu did not go to the State House during the session. The spokesman said the governor had been attending the Republican Governors Association meeting in Aspen, Colorado.

July 26, 2018
WMUR: Democrats attack Sununu for being absent from State House during special session
Gov. Chris Sununu’s absence from the State House on Wednesday as the Legislature killed a bill he had called critical to the state’s business community opened the door for Democrats to go on the attack as the political season intensifies...“The special session did not go as planned,” Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly said Thursday in a conference call with reporters. “And the question on everyone’s mind was, ‘Where was Chris Sununu?’”...“If I was governor and there was a piece of legislation that was my priority, I would certainly be working with all legislators,” Kelly, a former state senator, said. “If it was that important to me, then I would show up and be there and make it happen.”

July 26, 2018
WMUR: State Sen. Hennessy shifts support from Marchand to Kelly
Three months before Democratic state Sen. Molly Kelly was reported to be considering a candidacy for governor, her current primary rival, former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, picked up his first state Senate endorsement. Marchand, who announced his candidacy in April 2017, told us in November that he was endorsed by state Sen. Martha Hennessey of Hanover. Fast forward to Wednesday of this week. Hitting inboxes was an email from the Kelly campaign containing a letter from Hennessey urging people to attend a house party for Kelly on July 31...“Her strong progressive track record is why I am proud to support Molly for governor,” Hennessey wrote. “I hope you will come meet Molly and learn why she is the right person to lead our state and will consider making a contribution to show your support.”

July 26, 2018
NH Labor News: Sununu Claims To Be ‘Pro-Choice’ But Pens Letter Of Support For SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh
The Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Molly Kelly spoke out against Sununu’s announcement saying that Sununu is “betraying” the working women of New Hampshire. “The Governor cannot call himself ‘pro-choice’ and also support Brett Kavanaugh; he cannot claim to support everyday New Hampshire families and also support Kavanaugh,” said Kelly. “Kavanaugh’s nomination poses the most serious threat in a generation to a Roe v. Wade. Based on his record, Judge Kavanaugh also represents a gift to the same corporate special interests that are funding Sununu’s re-election campaign. By supporting his nomination, Sununu is betraying women and working families across New Hampshire, whose best interests should come first.” “As Governor, I will take action to protect a woman’s fundamental right to access a safe, legal abortion, and I will fight to get corporate money out of government so we can open opportunities for everyone in our state,” Kelly added.

July 26, 2018
NHPR: Sununu a No-Show as House Kills Wayfair Anti-Sales Tax Bill
You can look back at his record on priority issues – like Right to Work, like a school voucher plan, like the victim rights constitutional amendment, known as Marsy’s law. He loudly championed all, and when each one failed – and all in the House – he blamed others. Both of his Democratic challengers were making the case he’s not there when the going gets tough. Here’s one of them, former state Senator Molly Kelly: "If I had a piece of legislation that was in the best interest of New Hampshire and it was my priority, then I would show up. I would be there. And I would make it happen."

July 22, 2018
Concord Monitor: OP-ED: Molly Kelly: N.H. needs a governor who will be a champion for women
One of my top priorities as governor, in light of the threat posed by the shifting Supreme Court, would be signing legislation that codifies protections resulting from Roe, stating that “it shall be the public policy of New Hampshire that the state shall not restrict a woman’s exercise of her private decision to terminate a pregnancy.” Our focus, when it comes to women’s health, must be squarely on protecting this fundamental right. The stakes for the governor’s race this fall could not be higher. As governor, I will build on my strong, consistent record of defending women’s rights and Planned Parenthood. We must trust women to make their own decisions. I always have, and I always will.

July 20, 2018
Seacoast Online: Kelly questions Sununu’s energy bill vetoes
NORTH HAMPTON — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly took aim at Republican Gov. Sununu Tuesday over his recent vetoes of two renewable energy bills. At a campaign event at Throwback Brewery, the brewery and restaurant at Hobbs Farm that receives half of its power from solar panels on the barn’s roof, Kelly described last month’s move by Sununu as “our governor putting a wet blanket on moving forward with renewable energy.”... Kelly raised questions with Sununu’s veto and his relationship with Eversource, the state’s largest utility. “We also know that Chris Sununu had received close to a total of over $50,000 in contributions from Eversource. So I think there are some questions about that as well,” she said.

July 20, 2018
Seacoast Online: Dems say it’s urgent to study NH child cancer rate
PORTSMOUTH -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly said the “time for action” is here in the wake of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report stating New Hampshire has the highest pediatric cancer rate in country. “It has been studied. We need to address it and be active. Being concerned is not going to get us where we need to go,” Kelly said during a Thursday interview with the Portsmouth Herald. She called the high pediatric cancer rate “unacceptable” and added that it needs to be treated like the “crisis” it is.

July 20, 2018
Shondaland: Molly Kelly Knows We Need to Trust Women
As a single mother of three, Kelly put herself through law school while working as a building manager — a stroke of luck that she doesn't take lightly — before she remarried and became a mom to four. Now Kelly is among 11 progressive women who declared candidacy to become governors of their states this year. "Wherever we are, but also here in New Hampshire, we need to trust women, and women need to trust themselves, more than anything," Kelly says. New Hampshire residents vote for governor on November 6.

July 17, 2018
POLITICO: Democratic governors campaign as last line of defense on abortion
In New Hampshire, former state Sen. Molly Kelly, who is running for governor, said she would push the legislature to pass specific protections. "I would immediately urge the legislature to pass legislation that would codify the protections resulting from Roe and say ‘it shall be the public policy of New Hampshire that our state shall not’ — and I’m going to be clear when I say that — ‘shall not restrict a woman exercising a private decision to terminate a pregnancy, and I’m going to be clear about that," Kelly said. 

July 16, 2018
WMUR: NH biomass plants warn they might have to shut down

July 15, 2018
Concord Monitor: Newly passed voter residency law front and center in governor’s race
The reaction came fast and furious. Minutes after Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed a controversial bill – House Bill 1264 – that imposes voter residency requirements in New Hampshire, his two Democratic challengers in this year’s election were quick to criticize him. “By signing HB 1264, he has violated voters’ trust. He will be replaced in November,” predicted former state Sen. Molly Kelly of Harrisville.

July 13, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: Sununu signs voter residency law
Friday’s statement removed all doubt where Sununu stands, while he may have handed a campaign issue to the two Democrats vying to take him on in the fall. “Chris Sununu confirmed today for voters that his words mean nothing,” former state senator Molly Kelly said in a statement. “By signing HB 1264, he has violated voters’ trust. He will be replaced in November.”

July 13, 2018
WMUR: Amid criticism, praise, Sununu signs voter residency requirement bill into law
CONCORD, N.H. — Calling it an avenue to restoring “equality and fairness to our elections,” Gov. Chris Sununu on Friday signed into law highly controversial legislation requiring anyone voting in New Hampshire to take action to become a resident of the state...Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly said, "Chris Sununu confirmed today for voters that his words mean nothing. By signing HB 1264, he has violated voters' trust. He will be replaced in November."

July 13, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: Sununu feels squeeze after court OKs voter law
The law has been regularly attacked by Molly Kelly, running the in the Democratic primary for governor. She took to Twitter to attack the decision, and call on Sununu to block the bill. “Just because a bill is constitutional doesn’t make it right for NH,” Kelly tweeted. “I would have vetoed HB 1264 weeks ago because it disenfranchises voters.”

July 12, 2018
Concord Monitor: Protesters call out Sessions during AG’s visit to Concord
“I’m here to really support these wonderful people who are standing up and rightly so. We all have a right to health care and to think that anyone would put up barriers or deny anyone health care based on pre-existing conditions is unacceptable,” Kelly said. “I’m also here to call out Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump on the inhumane treatment, uncivilized, heartbreaking treatment of families on our southern border, children who are being ripped from their parents. It is unacceptable,” added Kelly, a former five-term state senator from Harrisville.

July 12, 2018
WMUR: Split NH Supreme Court says voter residency bill is constitutional
CONCORD, N.H. — Split 3-2 Thursday, the New Hampshire Supreme Court said in an advisory opinion that a controversial bill tightening voting requirements in the Granite State is constitutional. The opinion cleared the way for Gov. Chris Sununu to sign House Bill 1264 into law, as he has indicated he would do if the court ruled as it did..."Just because a bill is constitutional doesn't make it right for New Hampshire," said Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly, a former state senator. She said she would have vetoed the bill because "it disenfranchises voters. Gov. Sununu signing this bill would be wrong."

July 11, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: Kelly wants voter law vetoed
NASHUA – With the voter registration law undergoing a constitutional review by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly wants Republican Gov. Chris Sununu to veto a related bill. That bill, HB 1264, would require college students who live in other states but vote in New Hampshire to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license and register their cars in the Granite State. Critics compare this requirement to a poll tax. Citing the example of New Hampshire’s Jonathan Daniels, Kelly said the government needs to stop establishing obstacles to voting. “Because so many have given their lives for the right to vote, I cannot abide Gov. Sununu putting up barriers,” Kelly said Tuesday.

July 10, 2018
WMUR: Kelly calls on Sununu to veto voter residency requirement bill
CONCORD, N.H. — Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly called on Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday to veto legislation that would require only residents of New Hampshire to vote in New Hampshire. House Bill 1264 is pending before the New Hampshire Supreme Court, which accepted a request by the governor and Executive Council in May to issue an advisory opinion on whether the bill meets the requirements of the New Hampshire constitution. Kelly said during a conference call that if she were governor, she would veto the bill immediately. Kelly charged that Sununu supports suppressing voting by young people, while she, as governor, “would make voting easier by supporting voting by mail, supporting automatic voter registration and advocating for early voting.”

July 9, 2018
WMUR: Kelly urges Sununu to reject $23K in for-profit prison firms' contributions
CONCORD, N.H. — Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly on Monday called on Gov. Chris Sununu to give $23,000 in contributions he received from private, for-profit prison corporations to nonprofit organizations involved in reuniting illegal immigrant families. Sununu received $13,000 from the Geo Group and Geo Corrections Holdings of Florida and $10,000 from CoreCivic of Tennessee during his prior and current campaigns for governor, campaign finance filings show...Kelly wrote in her letter to Sununu, “That corporations would seek to benefit from cruel, inhumane policies is disgraceful. What’s worse, though, is that your re-election campaign is being funded in part by both of these private prison businesses.”

July 9, 2018
Conway Daily Sun: Democrat Kelly hopes to unseat Gov. Sununu
Kelly spoke for several minutes to the 40 people in attendance at the midday meal and then went from table to table taking questions from the diners. “I truly want to give voice to the people who I feel are being left behind by our current governor and the agenda he has set for New Hampshire,” Kelly said. “I do believe that the people of New Hampshire want a New Hampshire that works for everybody and not just a few.”... Kelly also dropped by the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce and The Conway Daily Sun. She plans to be back in the area next month to meet with voters and for an editorial board at the paper.

July 3, 2018
NHPR: Blue Collar Roots A Focus Of Both Democrats Vying To Be N.H.'s Next Governor
Attend a Molly Kelly campaign event and this bit of personal history comes up often. “As a single mother I raised three children while working on my education at Keene State College. I worked three jobs, I managed family housing dorms. I waitressed once a week at Papa Gino’s.”... “I cleaned the laundry rooms in those apartment complexes. And I had a rural paper route. It wasn’t easy.” Which probably makes even the hardest day on the campaign trail, feel like a snap.

June 30, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: School safety taskforce fails to address guns
CONCORD – Members of Gov. Chris Sununu’s School Safety Preparedness Taskforce issued their report late Friday afternoon, after months of meetings – sometimes in secret – without issuing any recommendations to change New Hampshire’s gun laws...Former state senator Molly Kelly, a Democrat who hopes to unseat Sununu in November, blasted the report for not addressing gun laws. “By following (President) Donald Trump’s lead and stopping a serious conversation on gun safety, Chris Sununu has failed to do everything possible to keep students safe,” Kelly said. “I refuse to wait for New Hampshire to suffer through our own tragic school shooting. As governor, I will stand with our brave students and pursue commonsense gun safety measures, including universal background checks, preventing children and domestic abusers from getting guns, keeping military-style weapons off our streets and reinstating the requirement of a permit to carry a concealed weapon.”

June 30, 2018
WMUR: Kelly economic plan includes $15 hourly minimum wage, paid family leave, tuition freeze, fair scheduling
MANCHESTER, N.H. — Unveiling a five-point economic plan Friday, former state Sen. Molly Kelly said she will push for a more than doubling of the state’s hourly minimum wage to $15 if she is elected governor. New Hampshire has no state-specific minimum wage and defaults to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Kelly said $7.25 falls “far short of a living wage for Granite Staters.” Introducing her overall plan, which she calls the "Family Ecomonic Security Plan," Kelly said, “Too many Granite Staters are being left behind by the Trump-Sununu agenda that takes good care of corporate special interests at the expense of children and families.” She said she wants to “build a New Hampshire that works for everyone by championing policies that will help ensure economic security for all.”

June 28, 2018
NHPR: Kelly Says Threats To Abortion, Gay Rights Key Issues In Campaign Against Gov. Sununu
Democrat Molly Kelly says the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy should be a wake up call for Democrats. Kelly says the threat to abortion rights and gay rights are reasons to back her over Governor Chris Sununu...Standing before supporters holding signed with slogans like "Trust Women" and "Save Roe," Kelly said she always had, and always would, stand with women."Chris Sununu, on the other hand, stands with Mike Pence," she said. "He even kicked off his campaign with a fundraiser with Mike Pence right here in New Hampshire. Women cannot count on Chris Sununu."

June 28, 2018
NH Labor News: Molly Kelly Pushes For Renewable Energy And Vetoed Net Metering Bills
Nashua, NH — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly today continued her statewide “Powering New Hampshire Jobs” tour by visiting Mine Falls Park hydroelectric facility in Nashua. Nashua currently sells energy generated at Mine Falls to the New Hampshire Electric Co-op, but city officials would like to use the energy to power municipalities and schools. This facility alone could satisfy about half of Nashua’s energy use. But the group net metering cap stands in the way...“The Governor’s veto of expanded group net metering is hurting Nashua residents,” said Kelly. “Instead of supporting locally-generated renewable energy sources that lower taxes, reduce electricity bills and create jobs, the Governor is doing the bidding of Eversource — a major campaign contributor — by batting away the utility’s competition. That’s wrong.”

June 27, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: Kelly hits at Sununu during Nashua tour
NASHUA – Stopping in Nashua to tour the city’s hydroelectric power plant in Mine Falls Park on Wednesday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly criticized Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a bill that would have allowed the city to use the power the dam generates. “By vetoing net metering expansion, Chris Sununu is blocking job creation, hurting businesses and municipalities who do want solar and hydro, and stunting the growth of expanding this industry,” Kelly said...This week, Eversource announced it is raising its rate 19 percent, highlighting the need for more alternative and renewable energy sources in the state, Kelly said. Sununu’s vetoes move New Hampshire in the wrong direction, and are costing Granite Staters money, she said.

June 27, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: ‘Right to Work’ coming to N.H.
NASHUA – City Alderman and State Rep. Michael O’Brien, a former firefighter and union leader, said Wednesday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on public sector unions is an attack on the rights of working people...Former state senator Molly Kelly, running in the Democratic primary for governor, said the Janus ruling will hurt New Hampshire families. “It will make it harder for New Hampshire families to improve their lives, provide opportunities for their children and ensure a secure retirement,” Kelly said.

June 27, 2018
NHPR: Campaign Cash Snapshot: N.H. Governor's Race
When it comes to sheer donations, Republican incumbent Gov. Chris Sununu leads the pack — though Democrat Molly Kelly, a former State Senator, is quickly catching up...Unlike Sununu, Kelly has not received any major donations from LLCs or PACs directly linked to corporations.

June 27, 2018
Nashua Telegraph: Eversource rates going up 19 percent
NASHUA – Officials with New Hampshire’s largest electric utility, Eversource, said they will make no profit when they increase customers’ monthly bills by 19 percent on Aug. 1...Meanwhile, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly went on the offensive against Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday regarding the rate increase. She tweeted: “As Eversource hikes electricity rates by nearly 20%-right after @ChrisSununu vetoed bills that would encourage competition from renewables-Sununu should avoid the appearance of improper actions and give back the $51k in contributions he’s taken from Eversource #nhpolitics.”

June 23, 2018
Keene Sentinel: Kelly visits local hydropower facility as part of energy tour
MARLBOROUGH — Listening intently over the heavy drone of a turbine, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly M. Kelly followed Ashuelot River Hydro President Robert E. King on a tour of the Minnewawa hydropower station and dam Friday. The visit was Kelly’s second in a statewide tour intended to highlight the importance of energy legislation that she says would support jobs, lower energy costs and encourage cleaner energy sources in the Granite State. On Thursday, Kelly toured a Concord hydroelectric plant owned by Essex Hydro Associates of Boscawen. “I’ve been involved with this issue for a long time,” Kelly said Friday. “And I will certainly continue to move renewable energy forward.”

June 20, 2018
WMUR: Kelly reports raising $462K since declaring candidacy for governor in April
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly has reported raising more than $462,000 since declaring her candidacy in early April...Kelly’s report said she has 1,117 contributors, and the campaign said 855 of them, or 77 percent, are from New Hampshire. Also, 989 of the contributions, or 71 percent, are of $100 or less. Kelly’s campaign said she is the only candidate who, “from day one of her campaign, has not accepted a penny in corporate PAC contributions.” “We’re building a campaign that will defeat Chris Sununu in November,” Kelly, a former five-term state senator and Harrisville resident, said in a statement.

June 20, 2018
Concord Monitor: Border separation controversy splitting N.H. Republicans, energizing state Democrats
Former state senator Molly Kelly of Harrisville...said she’s “sickened by the fact that children are being taken from their parents, crying children." “It breaks my heart. It’s unacceptable,” she said. And she criticized last weekend’s U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint along Interstate 93 in Plymouth, the second such checkpoint in New Hampshire in recent weeks. “We had the Trump border patrol on Route 93 in Plymouth on Father’s Day doing checkpoints. I would not be silent as our governor is,” Kelly said. “I would stand up to Donald Trump and say we do not need deportation officers here in our state doing checkpoints here in New Hampshire, especially in a town that’s not close to the border.”

June 15, 2018
WMUR: Kelly files to run for Democratic nomination for governor
Former five-term Democratic state Sen. Molly Kelly filed her candidacy at the State House with her family and closest supporters on hand. "What I'm really focused on is building a strong campaign so we can defeat Chris Sununu," Kelly said..."I stand on my Senate record, which is a bold and progressive record, and being progressive and fighting for these issues is not new to me," she said. Her top priorities include education, voting rights, and economic and workforce development. "As governor, you have choices to make, and what I'm concerned about is that the governor we have today, his choice is to give tax breaks to 3 percent of the wealthiest corporations, which I would not do," Kelly said.

June 15, 2018
WMUR: Molly Kelly files to run for governor

June 14, 2018
NH Labor News: Mayor Joyce Craig Endorses Molly Kelly For NH Governor
Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig today announced that she has endorsed Molly Kelly to be the next governor of New Hampshire. “Molly Kelly has long been a champion on the issues facing our state and is ready to meet the challenges facing our community,” said Mayor Craig. “Molly was one of the first leaders at the state level to call for action on the opioid epidemic. She understands the toll it is taking on our families and businesses, and is committed to doing everything possible to combat this crisis. As a forceful advocate for public education, Molly knows that we need to invest in skills training and education at every level if we are to build a New Hampshire that works for everyone. Molly is a tireless fighter with a track record of getting things done and I’m proud to endorse Molly Kelly for Governor.”

June 14, 2018
Keene Sentinel: Educators union recommends Molly Kelly for governor
Molly M. Kelly of Harrisville received the recommendation of the New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association Monday in her bid for governor, according to a news release from Kelly’s campaign. The union represents more than 17,000 teachers and other public school personnel throughout the state, the release said. “Molly Kelly has always been a champion for public school education, and we enthusiastically support her to be our next governor,” chapter President Megan Tuttle said in the release. “Instead of pushing a school voucher program that would weaken public schools, we know Molly will work to strengthen public education, support teachers and ensure every child can earn a quality education.”

June 13, 2018
NH Labor News: Senator Molly Kelly Earned The Support Of The National Education Association of NH
Concord, NH – Representing 17,000 teachers and other public school personnel, the New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association (NEA-NH) today announced its recommendation for Molly Kelly to be the next governor of New Hampshire. “Molly Kelly has always been a champion for public school education, and we enthusiastically support her to be our next governor,” said NEA-NH President Megan Tuttle. “Instead of pushing a school voucher program that would weaken public schools, we know Molly will work to strengthen public education, support teachers and ensure every child can earn a quality education.”

June 13, 2018
WMUR: Molly Kelly backed for governor by NEA-NH, praised as ‘champion of education’
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly on Wednesday afternoon was formally endorsed by the New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association. The union represents says it represents more than 17,000 members in the Granite State. "Molly Kelly has always been a champion for public school education, and we enthusiastically support her to be our next governor,” said NEA-NH President Megan Tuttle. “Instead of pushing a school voucher program that would weaken public schools, we know Molly will work to strengthen public education, support teachers and ensure every child can earn a quality education.”

June 4, 2018
WMUR: Hassan endorses Kelly for governor

June 2, 2018
Union Leader: Sen. Hassan will back Kelly for governor
Hassan said Kelly has "dedication, a vision and a record of real results." "Molly Kelly understands the challenges and priorities facing our families because she's lived them, and that fuels her drive to expand opportunity to all New Hampshire families," Hassan, a Democrat, said. "As a state senator and as governor, I worked side by side with Molly, and saw firsthand her commitment to helping hard-working Granite Staters get ahead and stay ahead. Molly has dedication, a vision and a record of real results, and we need her leadership and commitment to problem-solving in the governor's office."

May 30, 2018
WMUR: 16 current, former state senators endorse Molly Kelly for governor
In their letter, the senators wrote that Kelly, while serving in the Senate, “consistently stood up for public schools and students, jobs and skills training, women’s rights, marriage equality, common sense gun safety measures, and many other issues important to hardworking New Hampshire families. She has a track record of getting things done." They wrote that with Kelly as governor, paid family medical leave would become “a reality,” more investment would be made in job training and workforce development, and public education would be strengthened. The senators wrote: "Gov. Sununu is taking New Hampshire in the wrong direction. Instead of giving corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks, we should be helping working families make ends meet. Instead of pushing for school vouchers that will take money from public schools and increase taxes, or gun laws that make schools less safe, we should be investing in our students and protecting their future. And instead of suppressing the vote of young people, we should be encouraging their engagement in our democracy.”

May 24, 2018
WMUR: MacDonald recuses himself from signing AGs’ letter citing former client Purdue Pharma
CONCORD, N.H. — Attorney General Gordon MacDonald has recused himself from joining his counterparts from 39 other states in signing a letter urging U.S. Senate passage of legislation that would, in part, increase penalties on drug manufacturers that fail to report suspicious transactions...Democratic candidate for governor Molly Kelly, a former state senator, raised a question about MacDonald’s absence from the joint letter in a statement citing “inaction from Chris Sununu’s administration” sent to the media by her campaign early Thursday. Her campaign’s release noted that MacDonald, “who previously represented Purdue Pharma, failed to join a call for Congress to pass legislation that would help to fight the opioid epidemic.” “This week, 39 state attorneys general called on Congress to swiftly pass legislation that would help to fight the devastating opioid epidemic,” Kelly said in the statement. “The legislation would, among other measures, increase penalties on drug manufacturers for not controlling the spread of their drugs to the illegal market. Chris Sununu’s attorney general, though, passed on joining this bipartisan coalition, which included the attorneys general of every other New England state.

May 10, 2018
WMUR: NH House kills school choice bill authorizing education savings accounts
Chris Moyer, spokesman for former state Sen. Molly Kelly, one of two Democratic candidates for governor, said, "Chris Sununu has made clear that he won't stop pushing his radical education agenda until the parents of New Hampshire stand up and replace him. It's also clear that he works for the big donors and special interests who want to dismantle our public education system. It's shameful that he's siding with Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump and their wealthy friends instead of New Hampshire's kids."

May 10, 2018
WMUR: Teamsters back Kelly in first union endorsement of governor’s race
Former state Sen. Molly Kelly has received the first endorsement of the 2018 governor’s race. The Democrat has been backed by the Teamsters Local 633, which says it represents more than 4,700 New Hampshire workers. The union called her “a champion for working families.”... “We’re proud to endorse Molly Kelly for governor because we know she’ll put New Hampshire’s working men and women first,” said Jeffrey Padellaro, secretary-treasurer of the local 633. “As a state senator, Molly fought for job training, workforce development, a living wage and many other issues important to New Hampshire’s working families. She was in the trenches with us, day-in, day-out, and always had our backs. In her campaign for governor, we’ve got hers.”

May 8, 2018
WMUR: Students deliver thousands of petition signatures to Gov. Chris Sununu's office

May 2, 2018
WMUR: Shaheen endorses Molly Kelly for governor

May 2, 2018
NHPR: Shaheen Endorses Democrat Molly Kelly for N.H. Governor
As a former governor of New Hampshire, Shaheen said she knows the qualities it takes for the job, and that she believes Kelly has them. “I met Molly a long time ago, but when I met her, one of the things that impressed me so much about her was that she was a single mom, she worked and put herself through college and through law school while she was raising her three children,” Shaheen said. “And she knows what people are dealing with when they’re in hard times and they need opportunities.” Shaheen also praised Kelly's focus on expanding job training for young people during her time in the state senate. 

April 19, 2018
WMUR: US Rep. Kuster weighs in on Democratic primary for governor, backs Molly Kelly
MANCHESTER, N.H. — U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster is endorsing former state Sen. Molly Kelly for governor, saying that while Kelly served in Concord, she “delivered real results and expanded economic opportunity for hard-working Granite State families.”... “I've had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Molly to address job training and workforce development needs in Cheshire County, promote economic development and respond to the opioid epidemic,” Kuster said. “I'm proud to endorse my good friend Molly because I know how hard she fights and that she'll bring the energy and vision we need to the corner office. “From her time as the chair of the New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women to her service in the state Senate, Molly has shown the leadership we need to bring together Granite Staters from across the political spectrum to get the job done,” Kuster added.

April 13, 2018
WMUR: It’s official: EMILY’s List endorses Molly Kelly for governor
MANCHESTER, N.H. — The progressive pro-choice, pro-Democratic women’s political action committee EMILY’s List will make official its endorsement of Molly Kelly for governor Friday. The influential group made it clear in February that it was encouraging the former state senator to run for governor, and now that Kelly has announced her candidacy, the group is formally on board. The endorsement means that Kelly will be the beneficiary of financial and grassroots organizing support from the group that calls itself “the nation’s largest resource for women in politics.” “Molly Kelly is an experienced leader and a tireless fighter who knows the challenges working families face because she’s experienced them herself,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List. “She worked while pursuing her bachelor’s degree as a single mother – a balance that anyone who’s been through knows is extremely challenging.

April 12, 2018
WMUR: Top Democratic state lawmakers endorse Kelly for governor
Three days after announcing her bid for governor, Democrat Molly Kelly will be endorsed by the party’s two leaders at the State House. New Hampshire Primary Source has learned that later Thursday, Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn, D-Whitefield, and House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff, D-Penacook, will officially back the former five-term state senator's campaign...Woodburn said that Kelly has stood up for “New Hampshire values” and was “on the front lines of passing marriage equality, protecting a woman’s right to choose, and increasing funding for workforce development during her time in the state Senate.”... Shurtleff said, “The first bill Gov. Sununu signed was dangerous legislation allowing concealed carry without a permit. Sununu has a record of picking large corporations and special interests over the people of New Hampshire. Molly has always fought for the people of our state and I know she has what it takes to win this campaign and make a difference for every Granite Stater.”

March 22, 2018
WMUR: Chris Sununu greets Mike Pence at Manchester Airport

March 22, 2018
WMUR: Vice President Pence in NH praising corporate tax cuts, stumping for Sununu

March 21, 2018
WMUR: Pence set to visit NH, raise money for Chris Sununu

April 19, 2017
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Taking food away from children
Before retiring from the New Hampshire Senate last year, I sponsored a bipartisan bill that created a commission to address child hunger in our state. The work of the commission is to address the fact that 44,000 children in New Hampshire are food insecure, children who experience physiological pain because they are worried that there will not be food for them to eat and who experience real hunger from a lack of food. So I cannot overstate my surprise and dismay to learn about SB 7. Why would any New Hampshire legislator write this bill, which specifically targets a provision that, in New Hampshire, only exists to help feed hungry children?

February 27, 2017
WMUR: Sununu among the first to greet President Trump at DC ball

May 11, 2016
Keene Sentinel: EDITORIAL: Molly Kelly has been an asset to the NH Senate
A decade later, the residents of District 10 and the state ought to be thankful for her time in office. Kelly, who announced Tuesday she will not seek re-election in November, has remained true to her convictions...She’s been one of the Senate’s most active proponents of gender and family issues — sponsoring bills on equal pay, minimum wage, adoption rules and human trafficking. She’s backed efforts to make our state safer and healthier, from cosponsoring a bill to fight lead poisoning in children in her first year in the Senate to leading the charge a year ago to ban synthetic drugs...she’s been a stalwart on education, serving on the Senate Education Committee and ushering through many bills designed to make it easier for the state’s children to learn and grow...Her experience as a steady, progressive voice will otherwise be missed.

February 25, 2016
Keene Sentinel: EDITORIAL: Helping children early is key to building success
Momentum seems to be building, though, toward the idea that getting children off to the best start possible is vital in influencing our state’s future. State Sen. Molly Kelly of Harrisville, who’s pushing legislation this year to address issues of child hunger, said as much in an interview last week. Kelly gave the opening remarks at a recent event at Keene Middle School devoted to the topic of early childhood development...Now is the time to be focusing on building the foundation for the future by helping children succeed right from the start.

July 16, 2015
Keene Sentinel: Synthetic drugs demanded a real solution
In less than a decade, the sale and use of synthetic cannabinoids has become a huge problem in the U.S., and in New Hampshire. And over the past two years, Sen. Molly Kelly has been working to undo that trend. Last week, the Keene Democrat’s efforts were realized, when Gov. Maggie Hassan signed into law a statewide ban on the substances.

July 7, 2015
Eagle Tribune: New Hampshire bans synthetic drugs
The Granite State took a hard stance against synthetic drugs Monday. Gov. Maggie Hassan signed a Senate bill into law forbidding the sale and possession of synthetic drugs. "The state has determined that there is no legitimate purpose for the sale, possession, or use of these substances," the law reads. The law's primary sponsor is Sen. Molly Kelly, D-Keene. 

February 7, 2015
Foster's Daily Democrat: Area police back bill banning synthetic drugs
Although the use of synthetic drugs is no longer a prevalent Tri-City issue, local police expressed support for a bill that would ban the sale or possession of synthetic drugs. The bill imposes fines for selling or possessing synthetic drugs and mandates community education about the substances. Many of the synthetic drugs addressed in SB106 are marketed as incense, potpourri or bath salts, and can have mind-altering effects if consumed. In some cases, users do not fully know the harmful effects of the drugs, which often come in “a pretty little package with cute little names,” said Molly Kelly (D-Keene), who introduced the bill to the Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday. “This is dangerous. This is not cute,” Kelly said in a phone interview with Foster’s Friday.

February 6, 2015
WMUR: Senate committee approves bill to ban synthetic drugs
A Senate committee approved a measure aimed at making synthetic drugs illegal in New Hampshire. The bill would restrict the sale and possession of all synthetic drugs, including Spice, which is the synthetic version of marijuana. Sen. Molly Kelly, who introduced the bill, said, "synthetic drugs pose a serious and imminent danger to public safety, especially to young people, and Senate bill 106 is an important step in eliminating these dangerous products.

February 5, 2015
NHPR: Bill To Outlaw Synthetic Drugs Is Met With Broad Support In Senate
The bill is cosponsored by more than half the state senate. Lead author, Democratic Senator Molly Kelly, told colleagues she wants to make it harder to buy the drugs without criminalizing the substances overnight. “We know, and people do know, in our state, that heroin is dangerous. They know that many other drugs are dangerous. But the confusion is: people do not know that synthetic drugs are dangerous.”

February 5, 2015
Union Leader: Bill would ban synthetic drugs in New Hampshire
There is a drug epidemic in the state and synthetic drugs are a major part of it, law enforcement officials told a Senate committee Thursday. “The perception is these drugs are fun and harmless,” said the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 106, Sen. Molly Kelly, D-Keene, who served on a committee this summer and fall that produced the bill. “Young people need to understand what they truly are and the danger to their health.” The bill would ban many substances contained in synthetic drugs or what are referred to as “spice” or “bath salts.” Stores caught selling the substances who sell liquor, lottery tickets or food would lose their license to sell those products.

October 7, 2014
NHPR: Committee Working On Bill To Control Synthetic Drugs
Lawmakers and law enforcement are still struggling to craft a policy that would control synthetic drugs in New Hampshire. Lawmakers, the New Hampshire Department of Justice, health officials and law enforcement have been meeting for months in the hopes of coming up with language for a bill that could better protect communities from synthetic drugs like spice and bath salts. Senator Molly Kelly of Keene, who chairs the special committee, says they are getting close. "I think we’ve got a very good start on this legislation. We’re a little hung up on the penalty and I think we can put our heads together and work something out there.”

August 27, 2014
NHPR: Synthetic Drug Study Committee Holds First Meeting
A newly formed committee to study ways to regulate and control the designer drug known as Spice held its first meeting Wednesday. The committee was created by legislation signed in the last session. Senator Molly Kelly of Keene was the legislation’s author and is now the Chair of the study committee. “There’ll be different components than just looking at the criminal law. We can look at even our consumer protection law on labeling.”

November 9, 2013
Keene Sentinel: Kelly named board chairwoman of state high school program
Molly Kelly, D-Keene, will lead the New Hampshire Scholars Program as it aims to expand throughout the state. Keene High School is the latest New Hampshire school to join the program, which recognizes high school students who complete a certain course load...Kelly said she’s excited to meet students who have accepted this academic challenge and understand that it’s more important to take a tough course load than to just get a good grade. “My role and the scholars program’s role is to empower students to take on that challenge,” she said.

February 8, 2013
Keene Sentinel: Lawmakers should let voters decide if they want communities to invest in broadband
Relief could be on the way, though, in the form of a House bill co-sponsored by Sen. Molly Kelly, D-Keene. Slated to be taken up later this month by the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee, the bill would allow communities to bond broadband infrastructure investment, regardless of whether private companies are operating in the area.

January 22, 2012
Keene Sentinel: Education is key to the ‘NH Advantage’ by Molly Kelly
As our fragile economy continues to recover, an investment in higher education in New Hampshire is as wise for our state now as it was for the country then...Without such a commitment, businesses will leave or never come to New Hampshire in the first place. Young people will continue to move to nearby states or out of the region entirely looking elsewhere for an affordable education. The quality of life for families who now live in our communities will diminish without the options of continuing education, training and financially providing for their families. What will happen to the “New Hampshire Advantage” then?

February 2, 2011
Keene Sentinel: Strong education = a strong economy, by Molly Kelly
By ensuring that our students receive the best education possible, we are not only preparing the future generation for success, but we are positioning ourselves for a bright future. By maintaining high educational standards, we are investing in and strengthening our state’s economy and can attract new jobs to the Granite State.In tough economic times there are certainly difficult decisions to make about where we spend our money, but ensuring an equal opportunity for a quality education for all New Hampshire students is essential to our success as a state.

February 3, 2010
Keene Sentinel: A demand for accountability from Vermont Yankee, by Sen. Molly Kelly
I returned from a visit yesterday (Feb. 1) with Entergy officials at the Vermont Yankee power plant where I and many others continue to ask questions about the radioactive isotope tritium found in two monitoring wells...We have talked at length about the importance of transparency with nearby communities. I remain concerned but want to reassure my constituents that their elected officials are watching this situation closely and remain in close touch with everyone involved. We expect accountability from Vermont Yankee and we’re demanding accountability on behalf of all the people we represent.