To build a New Hampshire that works for everyone, we need to focus on what matters. 

Everyone in New Hampshire should have the opportunity to get the skills and education they need to get a great job, college or not. Right now, there are too many companies who can't find workers with the right skills, and too many young people leaving our state because they can't find a good job. That needs to change.

We need to invest in skills training and education at every level, including more funding to local schools to reduce the burden on property taxes. As Governor, I’ll veto any plan that takes money from public schools to pay for vouchers for private schools.  

The opioid crisis continues to take too many lives. This devastating epidemic needs to be treated the same as we would treat any other health care epidemic.  We need a comprehensive system of care from prevention to treatment and recovery.  

We need to protect a woman's right to make her own health care decisions and to protect the rights of every Granite Stater, no matter their age, race, gender, or sexual identity. 

Clean energy and lower rates are not mutually exclusive goals. We can diversify our energy portfolio and incentivize environmentally friendly projects by expanding the group net metering law that I helped put in place as a State Senator.

It’s also time to enact common sense gun safety laws. I'm inspired by the students leading on this issue and will work with them to achieve their goal of preventing more senseless gun deaths.

We also need to change our politics. That’s why I'm not accepting any corporate PAC money in this campaign. We need to get the dark money out of our elections, end the practice of partisan gerrymandering, and appoint qualified commissioners to our state agencies.

We can build a New Hampshire that works for everyone by investing in what matters, providing opportunities, respecting our neighbors, and balancing our state budget without a sales or income tax. 

Molly Kelly