Plan to Provide Economic Security to NH Families

Too many Granite Staters are being left behind by the Trump-Sununu agenda that takes good care of corporate special interests at the expense of children and families. I’m running for governor to build a New Hampshire that works for everyone by championing policies that will help ensure economic security for all. My "Family Economic Security" plan will: 

Increase to $15 Minimum Wage
New Hampshire today follows the federal minimum wage, which is far short of a living wage for Granite Staters. 

  • I will reinstitute a state minimum wage that gradually rises to $15 an hour over the next five years. People working multiple jobs should know that their hard work will allow them to at least pay the bills and feed their children.

Strengthen K-12 Education
Public education is the core of our democracy. Vouchers weaken public education. I will veto any proposal that creates a voucher system. Instead, we need to strengthen public schools to provide everyone the opportunity to succeed. 

  • If they can’t afford breakfast at home, every student should be guaranteed breakfast at school. I will make sure every public school provides it. Children cannot learn on an empty stomach. 
  • I will encourage pay increases for public school teachers.

Create Opportunities Through Education & Training
New Hampshire has the highest in-state tuition costs, and graduates leave with the most debt of students anywhere in the country. For too many students, the cost of higher education or technical training is an obstacle to opportunity. 

Young people will continue to leave our state if we don’t help lower costs and provide debt relief. Our first step will be to freeze college tuition, including at our community colleges. We’ll also provide college-debt repayment programs in exchange for public service, such as teaching and nursing, to reduce the burden young people shoulder as they build a career, family and life in the Granite State. 

Additionally, too many businesses can’t find trained workers to fill jobs they have available today. 

  • We must bring employers together with trainees through apprenticeships and other training programs to ensure skills being learned are tied to industry needs. 

Paid Family & Medical Leave
No one should be forced to decide between keeping their job or caring for a loved one, and no one should have to worry about how they will pay their mortgage or rent while taking time off from work for a family or medical emergency. I support the bipartisan legislation introduced during the 2018 legislative session that would have created an opt-in insurance program for employees that would: 

  • Break down barriers that keep qualified workers out of our labor market;
  • Help aging workers stay in the workforce;
  • Increase the odds of success for working people recovering from substance use disorder; and 
  • Boost workforce participation among new parents. 


Fair Scheduling
Managing child care, class schedules, and multiple jobs is hard enough. Hourly workers shouldn’t be subjected to poor scheduling practices making their lives more difficult and unpredictable while working to provide for their families or complete their education or job training. My plan will help ensure that:

  • Hourly workers in New Hampshire receive advance notice of their work schedules. If changes are made at the last minute that result in fewer hours, the employer should ensure an employee receives compensation for hours lost. For some, this gap can mean the difference between going hungry or eating dinner. 
  • Employees who are expected to be on-call should receive some level of compensation for their time. 

These measures would provide much-needed predictability that many New Hampshire hourly workers lack today.