About Molly Kelly

Molly grew up as the second of 11 children. She learned a valuable lesson growing up in such a large family: if one is to succeed, then all must succeed. And she believes that in New Hampshire, for one of us to thrive, we all must thrive. No one gets left behind.

As a single mother raising three children, Molly worked her way through Keene State College -- managing the family dorms, waiting tables at a pizza place and delivering newspapers in rural New Hampshire -- so she could put food on the table. Kelly also worked her way through Franklin Pierce Law Center before working as a financial advisor, helping families create budgets and ensure they could take care of their families.

Molly successfully ran for the state Senate in 2006, defeating a former state Senate president. She was re-elected four times. While serving in the legislature, Molly helped expand training and education for advanced manufacturing jobs. She served as Chair of the Governor’s Advanced Manufacturing Education Advisory Council, on the New Hampshire Rail Authority and the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment. Since leaving office in 2016, Molly has facilitated forums for the Center for Civic Engagement addressing challenges facing the community.

In 2018, Molly earned a record number of votes as she became the Democratic nominee for Governor. Molly gave voices to hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters who want a New Hampshire that works for everyone by: making paid family and medical leave a reality; ensuring quality education for every New Hampshire child; providing job training and a $15 minimum wage for workers; making college affordable; and passing common sense gun safety laws that keep our communities safe.

Molly has a daughter, three sons and seven grandchildren. She lives in Harrisville with her husband, Art Luptowski.